The culture of a company is built over time through a careful and patient work and is much richer as more capable of combining traditional flavors with modern and efficient organization.
Artex originates its business in 1997 by Mr. Marco Trevisani after managerial work experience at a major company in the area decided to start their own business.

Heir to the Venetian tradition of art furniture still uses the expertise and work of craftsmen and was able to soon become a large company that can meet every demand. 
On all the furnishings, small jewelry, splashes of color and light that enter homes to make them enjoyable, want and love.


Quality and professionalism - the tradition is still alive within us

The choice of wood
A quality piece of furniture is made with precious woods, selected by our technical experts.

The sizing
The sizing: this operation will prepare the boards and battens to be used in the production of furniture. During this phase, very important, you eliminate all those parts that have defects not otherwise visible.

The carving
The skilled hands of skilled craftsmen who give voice to the cabinet still using ancient instruments.

The inlay
Different woods, a mosaic of natural colors that transform into shapes and decorations.

Birth of the Mobile
They join the semi-mobile and comes to life.

The paint
The painting, namely, the exaltation of the soul of the wood, its grain and its colors.

The lacquering
The color explodes from silhouettes in its various shades, sometimes embellished with the application of gold leaf or silver leaf

The decoration
The artisan blends with the art of painting by creating a union of infinite sensations.

The color